Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Puppy Visit - Charlie's New Vet

Today we had our new puppy visit! It was an exciting time and I felt as nervous as I was with my own two kids first doc visits. Be prepared to bring all of your health records received from your breeder and fresh fecal sample. Your vet will do a series of standard parasite tests most likely the same tested by your breeder before you received your bundle of joy plus others, such as coccidia, which most breeders tend not to test for. The sample will be tested during your visit and if any abnormalities you will be informed and prescribed antibiotics immediately. Our Charlie was first weighed and weighed in at 4lbs 7 ounces.
Next he met his future health practitioner who took her time getting to know him. The doctor showed warmth and compassion as she stroked and cuddled him using a soothing tone of voice as she got know both us and our pet. She provided the remainder of the vaccination schedule for our boy and made recommendations for neutering, potty and crate training, social interaction suggestions and feeding. We felt easy to ask any and all questions we had been pondering in anticipation of our new family member. We left feeling supported and most of all felt as though we had selected a wonderful practitioner to ensure our dog's wellness.

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  1. When i took my puppy to the vet for the first time he was 8 months old. (He was a rescue). The vet was older and a wee bit grumpy. At one point he looked closely at my dog's paws and my dog licked the entire length of the vet's head!!!! I wanted to laugh but the guy was grumpy so I somehow held it in. We had a good laugh afterwards though!