Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Havanese

The Havanese is a common toy breed known for its exceptional coat and friendly disposition. With spunk and devoted character, the Havanese, commonly known as a velcro dog, fits into any lifestyle. From professional couples to trendy urban families and the laid back suburbanite, the havanese will best suit those who need to be loved and adored. My family and I first fell in love with a wonderful sable havanese pup my good friends adopted into their family. We had been in the throws of adopting a furry friends for about 18 months and originally were destined for a mini schnauzer. After 18 months of deliberation we concluded that a havanese was our furry friend of choice. We were immediately attracted to the rare chocolate colour offered in the breed and with much ado began researching breeders both nationally and internationally. With few choices within Canadian boundaries, Mystykalsy on the east coast and Esenavah on the west, finding a solid chocolate pup was like looking for a needle in a haystack. We ventured south and found a good selection of quality breeders. 

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