Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Housebreaking Charlie

We have been housebreaking Charlie for the last month using the crate with great results. I would say we have had a 95% non-accident rate and the 5% of accidents were because someone elses eyes had to supervise  him during my absence. I am proud to say that I have come to know Charlie's bowel movements very well. Charlie, as well as all dogs, have a short digestive system, and usually require a bowel movement within 5 to 40 minutes post meal. This natural blessing has allowed me to identify a very specific window of when Charlie is about to go. And pardon my French, but I am also able to tell by his plain old derriere. It seems as though slightly before Charlie is about to go, I notice his rear end becomes slightly pink and has a swollen look to the rim. He does a fair about of sniffing, may dart a few sprints and then begins to circle before giving the big heave ho. While he's going, I gently tell him "Good potty" and when he's done give him the big congratulatory pat, release him from his leash and off he goes to play. He goes first thing in the morning, after his lunch and then again in the evening. I'm happy to say there are many signs and signals to notify of Charlie's upcoming bowel movements and to all dogs movements that will give you ample warning that the deed is soon to be done.


  1. This post is so funny! I am going to print it!