Tuesday, 8 May 2012

If You Let Him, He Will Chew

If you let him, he will chew! Responsible pet care includes providing your pup appropriate and healthy opportunities to chew. When we got our instructions from our breeder, we were told no raw hide (not digestible with puppies immature digestive system) and no pig's ears (possibiity of salmonella poisoning) but to provide twist ropes. Charlie never touched a twist rope. We scoured the local pet stores in hopes of finding something that could help him relieve his chewing needs. We came across a brand called Nylabone which offers a line of digestible chewing items for puppies. Charlie gives them 3 thumbs up!


  1. My dog loves them too. I have heard about rawhide bones too. And someone at the dog park told me never to give real bones to dogs. I have a friend who saves her old shoes for my dog. It's great - he associates a different smell than either one of ours with shoes he can chew.
    What do you think of denta-chews? People say they can upset the dog's stomach...

  2. My pups go nuts for the nylabones. I'm not sure of the denta chews yet myslef.