Monday, 21 May 2012

Preparing for Charlie's First Groom

Charlie is quickly approaching 16 weeks. He is receiving his final round of shots next week at which time I am anticipating his first groom.
For the last week or so, I pondered the idea of bringing him in earlier because I have found the fur under his paws is outgrown and almost covering the pads of his feet, making running and stopping a slippery event. I also see that the area around his bottom is quite outgrown and seems to be holding onto some of the mess after toileting (I have had to give him half baths a few times to wash his bottom area) and finally the fur around his eyes is beginning to catch the inner corner of his eyes. I have, however, opted to wait another week to ensure his safety as he will be in a place that is frequented by many other dogs and do not want to jeopardize his health.
I have been talking around about this first groom and what to expect as well picking up tips on what I could do to help Charlie's first visit at the groomers be a positive one and one that he would look forward to in future. Since we first got him, I have done daily grooming with the slicker brush so he thoroughly enjoys his morning brush and had him perch on a footstool for his brush to get him used to an elevated height much like a grooming table. We have rubbed, brushed and played with all of his body parts so he is quite used to being handled everywhere, including feet, mouth and ears.
I have just started to comb around for a groomer (no pun intended). I am looking for a number of things inside the actual physical shop. I have heard that when looking around for a groomer perhaps consider a shop that has a rubber mat on the table which will help make a less alarming feel than a stainless steel tabletop. Obviously, look for a calm atmosphere. It was also suggested to have Charlie engage in rigorous play, prior to taking him on his first groom, so that he is relaxed and energy levels are on a low so there is less energy to add to nervous energy. We are in love with the Havanese coat and cannot wait for length, so a true cut is not in my cards. I will only be asking for a clean up in the eyes, feet, and bottom area.

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