Thursday, 17 May 2012

Canine Custody Cases

Separated couples fighting for custody of pets is not uncommon, but spending a whole heap of money on lawyers fees to fight the battle is. Recently in the news, a New York man who separated with his girlfriend has spent upwards of $60,000 in legal fees trying to regain custody of the couples pet dog. Craig Dershowitz, a New York resident, unsuspectingly saw his ex-girlfriend move to California with their pet dog, Knuckles, and has been to court fighting for the return of his dog for the last 6 months. I would suspect that couples who are not on good terms or have an axe to grind might scoop the pet dog in an attempt to hurt the other partner, either on the emotional level or so it may seem on the financial level. The question of the day remains,  would you pay a hefty price tag like Craig Dershowitz for the return of your pet?

1 comment:

  1. If someone took my darling dog, I would definitely be upset. Very upset. I don;t think I am in a position to pay $60 000 recovering him through the courts. I think when reason set in, the deciding factor for me would be if my dog was safe. If someone took him to harm him or took him to just neglect him that would be too much. Mind you, it is easy to talk - my darling dog is snuggled up beside me as I write this.