Friday, 11 May 2012

Raising Charlie - Royal Guard Stance

We have had Charlie a month. He is a strong presence in our family and what I love about him most is that he loves his pack. There's nothing sweeter than watching our new puppy stand on his front porch, back legs stretched like the royal guard, defending his home and pack against the whistling wind or a honking duck. The royal puppy guard stance is priceless. Signs of the stance are as follows:
1. Back legs stretched ready to pounce on unsuspecting enemies.
2. An air of bravado displayed with a puffed out chest.
3. Barking commences with the rustle of an attacking leaf.
4. Eyes are strategically scoping the most calculating of ferocious grasshoppers.
5. Maintains position on porch so as not to come under fire of approaching hounds.

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