Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Puppy in the House - Introducing Your Pup to Your Home - Slow and Steady

Well it will be a month this Thursday that we welcomed our Charlie Brown, the chocolate havanese, into our family. I can count the number of times on one hand that he has been in our basement and on our second floor. We have limited his activities to the first floor of our home. The limited boundaries aids in both housebreaking and keeping an eye on our little lovebug when outside the crate. I have noticed that when we do bring Charlie to a new area of the home, he instinctively looks to potty after a few minutes of sniffing the new room....which we view as an opportunity for a wonderful "learning lesson". Once he starts, we quickly interrupt his attempt to potty with a loud "aaagh" or clap and scoot him outside to finish his business. More often than not he is not able to finish his business as it seems as though the urge to potty in a new environment may simply be an instinctual response rather than a need to "go". The limited space of the first floor seems more than enough to engage Charlie for now and as his housebreaking progresses we will then consider to bring him for extended times on other floors in our home.

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