Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fact or Fiction?

  1. The basset hound has the longest ears of all dogs.
  2. Dogs sweat from the pads of their paws.
  3. A typical dog has 36 adult teeth.
  4. No breed of dog has webbed feet.
  5. Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series takes the form of a dog.

  1. Fact.
  2. Fact. A dog radiates heat from their tongue.
  3. Fiction. An adult dog has 42 teeth.
  4. Fiction. The Portuguese water dog is an example of a breed that has webbed feet.
  5. Fact. Sirius Black takes the form of a giant shaggy black dog.


  1. I thought Sirius took the form of a wolf. Anyway, Sirius was not my favourite.

  2. No, its actually a large dog. Some suggestion his breed changes in later movies.