Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Day in the Life - A Comic Puppy Story

First thing this morning, Charlie went out in the rear yard to do his morning business. It was a dewy morning, quiet and peaceful with only the sounds of the birds. He sniffed about, took care of his duty and sauntered to the side gate to stroll the front. The front grounds were usually as peaceful as the rear and we always enjoyed each others company on our morning stroll. However, this morning was not an ordinary morning. IT WAS GARBAGE DAY! Out of nowhere, as we rounded the car parked in our front drive, there was the most dastardly thing at the end of the drive.....the unsuspecting garbage can! Charlie spied it first! He immediately knew it was on trespass. Ears pricked up and he went into high alert. His body changed. He crept low and slowly made the advance, retreating with every sound. He started the low "growl and bark" to ensure the enemy knew they'd been spotted as he tried to flush them out. There was no surrender and so, after what seemed a lifetime, he went in for the sniff. He travelled the can's perimeter doing the sniff and maintaining the "growl and bark" and after he had shook him down and was satisfied to have "scared the enemy silly" went on his merry way to finish his grounds patrol. He was confident the enemy would never trespass again. Little does he know, he'll be back again next garbage day!


  1. My dog wants to drag the garbage back home. I never get past the first bag. He is a basset hound - all nose - and he loves garbage! I keep telling him that if I win the lottery, I'll buy him the garbage truck.

  2. All dogs go nuts on walk. Its like they are a Disney Land! At least every dog I ever owned did.