Saturday, 19 May 2012

Disposing of Dog Waste from the Yard

As our pup continues to toilet in the backyard, we have come up with an organized, sanitary and secure manner of waste disposal so as not to put doggy waste in the garage with the regular garbage. We purchased a food recycling waste bin with a clipping lock and placed in a discrete spot in the yard (the green colour blends into the natural setting). We lined the bin with an indoor kitchen garbage bag. Each time we pick up puppy waste, we simply drop the waste bag in the bin and clip shut. The clipping mechanism makes it inaccessible to other animals and seals in any odours. Once garbage day arrives, we simply remove the full liner and dispose the waste with the regular garbage. This handy disposal system keeps doggy "do" outside and never inside the garage. 


  1. Excellent idea. But does Charlie need that big a green container?

  2. Its usually a weeks worth of doggy do bags so about half full on garbage day. I like it this size, because it is tall and far from ground from curious night animals.