Friday, 18 May 2012

Puppy's Mild Reactions to Vaccines

Several weeks after Charlie’s arrival we took him to receive his second set of shots. The first set was provided by the breeder and in most instances if you adopt a puppy at the 10 week mark, the first round will have already been done by the breeder and you will be required to take your pup for the second and third vaccinations. For this visit, I was actually quite nervous for him and really didn’t know what to expect. The vet, in her soft-spoken, mild manner provided treats on the examining table for him while she administered the shot. He did not react in the slightest to the actual physical shot, however, there were some changes later that day that I wasn’t expecting. About 4 hours, post vaccine, Charlie vomited once. He had a decreased appetite and decreased activity as well as seemed depressed. He was definitely not himself, but a quick call to the vet confirmed that mild reactions were apparently normal for the first 24 hours post vaccination and if symptoms worsened to follow-up with vet the next day. By the next day Charlie was back to his charming little self. So, for the next round of shots I will know that these mild changes are perfectly normal.

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