Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The Havanese - A Double Coated Breed

Having adopted a double coated breed of dog, I was quick to understand that my little havanese's coat would require special grooming care...special meaning that grooming would be a task that should never go overlooked if I were to keep it long rather than in a puppy cut. Double coated breeds have an undercoat and a top coat. My understanding is that the undercoat, when not properly maintained, can be easily matted and once matted very painful to comb out. More often than not, the only resolution would be to do a shave and a shave apparently interferes with the natural shedding process which can have an impact on future coat growth. Some of the resources suggests that a shave will cut into the top coat and some dogs will suffer bald spots and spots that do not grow back. We take such pride in how nature has created our little boy's wonderful coat that we are committed to ensuring its daily maintenance.

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  1. I have a Havanese, Jesse. July he was sahved with a puppy coat for the summer. I noticed when Jesse's hais statred growing back in some places it didn't. I took him to a dermotologist and they tested his skin, all was good. Till I read about "double coated dogs" My question sis, will the hair in the areas that have not grown back, will the hair eventualy grow back?
    Thank you Jeanette and Jesse