Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Penny Has Dropped!

Eureka! The Penny has dropped! After a busy weekend with family, friends and Charlie I was blessed today with the fruits of my labours in regards to raising Charlie. Yes, the penny dropped! Today Charlie asked to go potty! I am over the moon. I just spent 30 minutes calling friends and family to relay my excitement over our little boy's success. It has been 5 weeks since we have had him and 5 weeks that I have relentlessly supervised his every move. From crating nightly to crating when not able to provide direct supervision to giving never ending praise after outdoor potties to bells on the back door and indoor accidental setups with correction, our Charlie finally got it. Late this afternoon while at my computer he went to the front door and began to whine (something he has never done). I immediately jumped up and took him on leash to his potty area in the rear yard where he immediately had a bowel movement. I raced inside grabbed the liver snaps and congratulated this wonderous feat. Then, several hours later he went to the back door and began batting the closed drapes. Again, I dashed up, opened the door and he raced out to his potty area and went, without leash, and I have been doing cartwheels ever since! I am so excited for tomorrow!

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