Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Best Pup Play Toy

All new puppy families are always searching for the best new play toy for pups. We've all spent about forty dollars too much in toys that our little wonders don't even take a second look at. I just stumbled on the ultimate toy! Try your pup with an empty water bottle. Remove the lid and wrapper and give the bottle a little squeeze and your pup will have tons of fun listening to the crackling plastic as he tussles and fights to overpower this inexpensive little toy!


  1. I use this too. I sometimes fill it halfway and place it on its side in the freezer. That makes it a cold toy on hot days. Great blog. I just came over from Nothy Lane's blog...

  2. Australian Labradoodles are very friendly with human.And they enjoy playing and making fun with kids. In starting month or weeks these puppies take time to get trainned. After training these puppies are so good. Some of the Australian Labradoodles are not friendly that may be becauses of their breeds. But most of the times these dogs are so friendly. And giving the bottels may be somehow risky for the dogs.