Wednesday, 9 May 2012

10 Tips to Successful Housebreaking

1. Feed first as puppies will fill up on water first if they can.
2. Toilet pups anywhere from 5 to 40 min. after feeding.
3. Watch for your puppy's toileting signals (sniffing, circling, sprinting, etc).
4. Secure a command you will use for toileting ("go potty", peepee, etc) and repeat and reinforce.
5. Provide 100% supervision of your puppy and when unable, crate your puppy (your puppy's natural instinct will prevent it from soiling its own den).
6. Reinforce your command while your puppy is doing its business and give uber-praise after his duties.
7. Choose one spot for your puppy to relieve himself and take him to the same spot every time.
8. Monitor your puppy's washrooming times (if you feed on a regular schedule, your pup will go on a regular schedule).
9. Washroom first thing in the morning, after play or excitement, after waking up and approx. 30 min. after eating.
10. Set your puppy up to have an accident, supervise closely, catch him in the act and provide a learning lesson by disrupting his duty with a loud "aagh" or clap and then take him directly to his relief spot while reinforcing the washroom command.

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  1. These tips can also be used for your Labradoodles. The first thing you should do after wake up take your puppy out First time in the morning and Last thing befor bednight in the night. Always take your puupy outside after the meal.