Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Protect Your Dog from Asthma Puffers

I recently read an article on hazardous household items that have the potential of harming your dog. One of the articles highlighted the deadly effects of asthma inhalers on dogs. Puffers contain a chemical called albuterol and every puffer contains many doses of the drug. Resources suggest that for some reason dogs are attracted to albuterol and so when your pet finds a puffer their natural tendency is to play with the container often perforating the exterior and releasing and eventually inhaling the harmful chemical. The effects of albuterol on your pet could potentially cause severe health conditions and possibly death. Symptoms of albuterol toxicity include; panting, uneven gait, lack of co-ordination, high blood pressure, vomiting. In the event that albuterol toxicity is suspected seek immediate medical attention for your canine. Ensure puffers in children's backpacks are kept away from your dog's reach.


  1. wow! I had no idea that puffers were dangerous to dogs. Good to know. BTW, do you know what plants are dangerous to dogs? I'm wondering about getting some new plants for my garden...

  2. from what i gather, azalias and lillies are dangerous as well....my vet said today that the bulb portion of bulbuous plants as well