Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Neighbourhood Cat Spraying My Doorstep

So, this is day 3 of the the neighbourhood troll who has since started spraying my front doorstep! Bewildered as to what was leaving their mark on my front doorstep I consulted with the Resident Expert who concluded that one of the neighbourhood cats was obviously ticked that Charlie our new pup had taken residence at our home. So, in an effort to take back his throne, the vagrant cat decided to mark his territory every night on our front door step. In an effort to remove the mark and dissuade the cat from coming back, I used a household cleaning product to first clean the mess and then finished with a pet masking spray to see if I could rid the step of the scent. The cat came back. Resident expert suggested using coffee grounds in the front bed and doorstep to deter the spraying cat.

1 comment:

  1. When I first brought home my dog, I had him in a crate at night. I would find my cat sticking his arm through the crate so that his paw sat in my dog's water. When I chased him away, he would return to sit atop the crate! Cats are very territorial. It is amazing the two ever became friendly, my basset hound was so scared of the little orange tabby.