Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Dog Hair Dryer

So I have washed Charlie a number of times since getting him and each time life gets easier! Easier until we get to the drying part. I have been using my blowdryer to try and blow him out but it is taking ages as i blow a small part, let him take a break and then go back to do another. After doing some research, I realized that not all hair is created equal. A dog's coat is far different than human hair and requires a far different dry. A dog's coat requires a high volume air blow that literally blows the water off the hair. There are a number of pet dryers on the market that do just that, reducing drying time than with a traditional human blow dryer. Depending on your price point, pet dryers fall into the following ranges
$25 - $35 brands such as Andis
$85 - $125 such as the Metro Quick Draw (professional grade) pictured